Software as a Service


Engineered for stability, security and scalability

GuardTools is a world leading Operations Support System (OSS) tailored for the security industry. It is also a system for Quality Assurance that brings transparency and awareness between the security provider and the security buyer.

GuardTools is delivered as Software as a Service from a dedicated data center. This gives our clients many advantages such as high security and low entry cost with no need for investments in IT infrastructure, servers, firewalls or any other hardware.

The GuardTools system consists of a software suite that provides support for several roles within the manned guarding industry and corporate security. Keep reading to find out more about each software and their main functionalities.



  • Mobile Patrols
  • Alarm Response
  • Health & Safety
  • Event & Action reporting
  • Notes & Comments
  • Audits
  • Inspections
  • Task lists
  • Instant access to updated instructions
  • Lone Worker Functions

Checkpoints and Task Types

  • NFC / Barcodes
  • Yes/No questions
  • To-Do Tasks
  • Take-a-Picture Tasks
  • Numerical values
  • Report my GPS position
  • Free Text Task

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GuardTools Mobile supports mobile personnel in the field with virtually everything needed to carry out their work in a professional and proper manner. GuardTools Mobile has several quality-assurance functions. Users are not able to finish their work shift without completing all of their tasks. None conformance is easily identifiable as users must give a written reason why they are not able to perform a planned task.



  • Personnel Management
  • Roles & Rights Management
  • Creating Sender Profiles
  • Device Management
  • Patrol, Static & Alarm Response Services
  • Customer Information Management
  • Creating Work Areas, Sites & Regions
  • Planning Patrols & Assignments
  • Report Management

Functions and Added Value

  • Automatic Reports – Saves time, gives Peace of Mind and ensure Quality Assurance
  • Follow up – get in control, make sure that you deliver in accordance to the SLA
  • Planning – never miss an assignment or task.
  • Work Shift Analysis – track your mobile work force in real time


GuardTools Office consists of three parts; Administration, Command & Control and Monitoring Operations. The Administration area is where you populate and plan your base data. Command & Control let you manage the status of your resources and send out alarms and tasks to your mobile devices. The monitoring area allows for real-time monitoring of the tasks that are being undertaken as part of your daily operations. GTO can be described as the “heart” of the GuardTools platform. It is where you handle all the information about clients and their locations, where report recipients are added and where you create patrols or delegate work orders for your Mobile work force. This is also where scheduling and long-term planning of patrol services is done and where you connect it all together to create automatic reports that are sent out to your clients. It is all done automatically, every time and on time.



  • Manage Alarm Responses
  • Activity View
  • Awareness View
  • Manage Assignments
  • Lone Worker Monitoring
  • User details

Functions and Added Value

  • Get instant overview
  • Manage your resources and tasks
  • Follow mobile users on the map
  • See individual workloads
  • Send out new or reassign delegated work orders
  • Send out alarms by “drag n drop”




  • Visualizing work shift with timeline
  • Visualizing all scheduled tasks
  • Create new tasks
  • Get notifications for taks and patrols with sound and “pop up”
  • Create reports using predefined events and actions
  • Create & Duplicate “quick reports”
  • View log of ongoing and previous Work Shifts
  • Go on patrol with GuardTools Mobile and report back to GuardTools Static.




  • End client portal
  • Personalised dashboard
  • Real Time reporting
  • Charts with drill down functions
  • Bookmark your favorites
  • Statistics & Analysis
  • SLA Check
  • Export data as printable PDF reports

Manned Guarding Companies

  • Offer your clients a “Risk Management System”
  • Make sales meetings fun
  • Create knowledge and be proactive at SLA meetings

Corporation Security

  • Get in control
  • Get updated 24/7 in real time wherever you are
  • Highlight and follow up on problem areas