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GuardTools has taken off!

With a new year that has just began, it is with great pleasure I am able to say that GuardTools has positioned itself as the obvious choice when global companies choose ‘Operations Support Systems’. Within our business area “Corporate Security”, we can proudly present several global actors that are now customers to Blue Mobile Systems. Additionally, within the business area “Manned Guarding Industry”, one of the really big ones has gone “all in”. Today we are also launching our new website which has a clearer division of our business as well as a significantly improved web shop. Enjoy!

Peter Andreasson, CEO

CEO - Peter Andreasson

We are very pleased to announce that ISS Finland has chosen to become a customer to Blue Mobile Systems AB and implement GuardTools in all of their activities within the business area Manned Guarding Industry. For us this means that we have our first customer in Finland and that we now have customers in all of the Nordic countries. ISS is one of the world’s largest employers with over 500.000 employees. Being able to deliver our products and services to them is something we are very proud of.

The move from Windows Mobile to Android has gone beyond our expectations. More than two-thirds of our customers have already made the switch, and more are about to. There has been a lot of positive feedback from both users and administrators of GuardTools. For customers who have replaced all the mobile devices and are now only using Android, we have been able to shut down the Mobile Sync, which as an added bonus provides additional performance improvements. Simply put, it runs even faster. For those of you who want help with the move to Android or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact and we will help you with both the implementation and selection of mobile devices.

Said about GuardTools Mobile for Android:

“Basically, we don’t need any training since we switched to Android”

“Everything goes faster, and we write a lot more reports now when it’s so easy”

“The number of support tickets regarding GuardTools Mobile has declined by more than 80 %”
Manne Engström, Chief Operating Officer – Blue Mobile Systems

Corporate Security
We are now strengthening our business area Corporate Security through additional business with two large players. Novo Nordisk implements GuardTools at its facilities in Copenhagen. Novo Nordisk is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Denmark with approximately 40.300 employees in 75 countries. We would also like to welcome the American-owned company Crane Currency AB (formerly Tumba Bruk) as a new GuardTools customer to Blue Mobile Systems.

Nokas Security AB in Sweden extends its contract
Once again we have received renewed trust from Nokas Sweden AB (formerly Svensk BevakningsTjänst). Nokas has through a number of acquisitions strengthened its position on the Swedish market, which has led to an increased use of GuardTools. Nokas has also completed the transition from Windows Mobile to Android.

New payment model rolled out.
A number of high profile Nordic customers renew their contracts with the new and more flexible payment model as a basis. First out was Cubsec AB and Nokas Security AB, closely followed by Tempest Security and Danish Vasik. The new model has the advantage of not limiting the customer to how many licenses they have; instead the charge is based on utilized time. This means that our customers can use GuardTools on many devices, even on short or temporary assignments.


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