Securitas HF in Iceland signs up for another 5 years with GuardTools®

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Blue Mobile Systems is very pleased to announce that Securitas hf in Iceland has renewed its contract for another 5 years.  At this point in time Securitas hf goes “all in” with GuardTools usage in all major departments like Mobile patrol, Static guarding and Alarm response. Securitas hf is in the final phase of integration of GuardTools to its Alarm Receiving Center.

The director of Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Center, Baldur Gunnarsson states that “The integration between GuardTools and our ARC software will cut valuable seconds in the alarm chain and will benefit not only ourselves but most importantly our clients in terms of shorter response times”.

Árni Guðmundsson, the director of guard forces at Securitas HF states that “GuardTools have definitely lived up to our high expectations regarding quality assurance and has contributed to strengthen our offer to the clients even further”.

“Securitas HF in Iceland is one of the most quality aware and professional establishments that I have ever seen. Therefore I am extra proud that Securitas Iceland has chosen to move forward with GuardTools for another 5 years” says Peter Andreasson, CEO and Founder of Blue Mobile Systems AB.

About Securitas HF

Securitas Iceland was founded in 1979 and has over 400 employees. They serve over twenty thousand customers in the homes market and many of the largest companies in the country. Securitas provides services across Iceland. Their main business is in the capital of Reykjavik, but they also have offices in Reykjanes, Akureyri,  Eskifjördur, Selfoss, Borgarnes and Hveragerdi. Securitas hf service offering covers all areas of physical security, ranging from manned guarding to remote monitoring. The product line which the company sells spans a wide range of solutions, among others intrusion alarms, fire alarms, CCTV camera systems, fire protection, detection and extinguishing. Securitas is the industry leader and has the aim to increase the safety of its customers and prevent them from damage.


About Blue Mobile Systems AB

With focus on manned guarding industry and corporate security, Blue Mobile Systems serves top quality companies in Europe that apply GuardTools® into the whole of their organisations. GuardTools® offers full process operations support and comprises three applications: GuardTools® Mobile for officers in the field, GuardTools® Web, offering a content rich web portal and GuardTools® Office with broad operational support for management.

Securitas HQ

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