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AVARN Security Services AB has taken the strategic decision to introduce GuardTools throughout its organization

It is with great pleasure that we now announce that AVARN Security, one of the Nordic region’s leading security players, has chosen GuardTools as their operations support system. The decision was preceded by extensive analysis and a very successful implementation of GuardTools at AVARN Security Oy in Finland.

The CEO and founder of Blue Mobile Systems, Peter Andreasson, states;
“We initiated and ended 2017 in the best possible way by first signing an agreement with AVARN Security OY in Finland and finally closing the year by signing a long-term agreement with AVARN Security Services AB in Sweden.”

“The transition to GuardTools means that we can consolidate the organization’s IT tools and at the same time assure the quality of our processes. We are also strengthening our competitiveness and laying the foundations for the increasing need for digitized value-added services in the future” says Erik Kocken Wennerholm, Managing Director of AVARN Security Services AB.

Blue Mobile Systems develops and sells an operations support system, called GuardTools, specially designed to meet the needs of the security industry. GuardTools assures the quality of and streamlines customers’ internal processes. It also enables our customers to deliver added value to their customers. Blue Mobile Systems operates in all Nordic countries as well as in Germany and the UK.
For more information: Peter Andreasson, VD, 0768–506 335,

AVARN Security is the complete security player for major companies, organizations and the public sector. With genuine dedication, expertise and innovation, we strengthen our customers’ safety and competitiveness. AVARN Security is part of the Sector Alarm Group and operates in approximately 30 cities. Thanks to our 3,500 employees, we contribute to a safer Sweden.
For more information: AVARN Security, Press, 010-222 29 01

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