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GuardTools® policy is to be open about eventual service disruptions. Although great effort is invested in keeping the GuardTools® service available at all hours, year-round, service availability may be affected by factors outside GuardTools® control.

To keep your business working, even in case of a major telecomunications outage, we strongly advise all GuardTools® customers to keep local copies of patrol instructions. These may be saved to disk or printed through GuardTools® Office.

Resolved Service Disruption


New installations of GuardTools Office does not start after Windows 10 version 1803 update.

After updating Windows 10 to version 1803 GuardTools Office does not start. This is because of a change in how Windows handles code signing in click once applications. Microsoft is working on a fix for this problem and we at Blue Mobile Systems AB are reviewing our code signing certificates.

There is a temporary work-around to make GuardTools Office start.
This work-around requires some computer experience.

Note: This problem only applies to Windows 10 version 1803 & for new Installations of GuardTools Office

Download the instructions to solve this issue here

Resolved 2018-04-02

We have had a service disruption on the server that manages logins to GuardTools. We are working actively with the technicians in our data center to find out what caused this. From what we can see right now, everything is restored and is working as it should.

We regret this incident and hope that it did not cause too much trouble for you

We will continuously update this website should it be needed.

For any questions about this please contact

Resolved 2016-03-27

There was an issue for some users to create Work Shifts on the night between March 26 and March 27 due to the change from Winter to Summer time during this night. Those who were affected had patrols planned for the exact hour between 02:00 and 03:00. The hour that is lost during the Daylight Savings. The workaround was to create the Work Shifts in GuardTools Office instead or to choose another date for the Work Shift in GuardTools for Android.
Initial Service Disruption Message:
We are experiencing that some customers have issues when they are creating work shifts in the Android app.

We are investigating the issues right now but we think we cannot fix it quick enough for the guards that are currently waiting to go out on their shift.

One way to circumvent the issue is to create the work shift in Office in the Activity view. It’s important that the  work shift is created for the correct user or he or she won’t see it in the Android app.

Another approach to work around it is to create a work shift for the next Saturday. Please let us know if you do this since we can help you to fix the data later so that you can start another work shift next Saturday.

Resolved 2016-01-21

Earlier tonight (Thursday 21st of January) between 21:00 and 22:00 there was a sudden loss of power our datacentre during which a faulty UPS was discovered. This lead to a reboot of some of our servers.

We quickly received an alarm from the datacentre and later also from customers that they had problems uploading data and was unable to log in to GuardTools. We were able to respond quickly and start diagnosing all systems. Soon we could confirm that all system was back up and fully functional.

All clients were able to continue their ongoing work during this time.

Resolved 2015-11-24

We have noticed that some of our customer’s Client Contacts have had problems with receiving their PDF reports, or that they were caught in SPAM filters.

We have investigated this and found what caused this and fixed the issue. It seems that security on several domain registrars has been increased due to increased amounts of phishing attacks specifically against domain registrars.

Emails with reports have been sent from our servers according to the schedule specified by you and they are therefore available for you in the distribution history of the GuardTools Office. All data is as usual available to your customers in GuardTools Web.

According to our findings, afflicted Client Contacts have been able to find emails with reports in their SPAM folders in their email clients.

Resolved 2014-09-30

Between 2014-09-30 16:02 to 16:38 There was an Internet supplier problem with one of the entry points to the Datacentre hosting GuardTools®. The datacentre has now rerouted all our traffic to other internet providers. As from now, no more disturbances to and from the main GuardTools® system should be experienced. Please do feel to free to contact us if you experience any remaining problems, at: