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GuardTools is a result of academic studies, research and many years of professional experience in the security industry, particularly in the manned guarding industry and corporate security. The founder, Peter Andreasson, has worked over 15 years at two global security companies in several fields and positions, including CIT, mobile patrols, hotel security and port security.

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Mr Andreasson started his career as a security guard in the late 80’s and ten years later he went back to school to study computer science. His master’s thesis was conducted at the Port of Gothenburg, Sweden, in collaboration with the Head of Security and the security company Falck (G4S).

In the early 2000s, Peter was asked to join the research group Public Safety at the IT research institute Swedish ITC Viktoria. The City of Gothenburg (insurance company Gota Lejon) funded the studies which went on for almost three years in co-operation with major security companies.

Under the wings of Dr. Urban Nuldén, and with a scientific approach, Mr Andreasson was able to perform extensive studies within the manned guarding industry and corporate security.

The overall aim with the studies was to find out how information technology, especially mobile technology, could support the daily work for the guards, supervisors, planners and risk and security managers at corporations.

Thousands of hours was spent on ethnographically inspired observations and interviews with the stakeholders. All collected data was categorized and analyzed and resulted in some really interesting findings.

At the highest level, we could distinguish three main areas of concern:

Efficiency Problems – Many manual processes, re-writing reports, distribution of reports, updating customer information and instructions.

Quality Issues –  Complains from clients, lack of transparency, focus on control and proof of presence.

Competitiveness Issues – The security companies delivers almost identical services and have the same production cost. The buyers sees the security services as a commodity.

Other interesting findings:

  • Most events and actions are never reported.
  • Too excessive use of barcodes turn patrolling into an orienteering sport.
  • The end clients’ sees the written report as the product they are paying for.

Those and hundreds of more findings was the starting point of the development of GuardTools.

Blue Mobile Systems

The company Blue Mobile Systems started in 2004 as a spin-off from a research project at Swedish ICT Viktoria in Gothenburg, Sweden. The first version of GuardTools was released in 2005 and two early adopters in Sweden , Cubsec and SBT (Nokas), became the first clients. Soon thereafter came the response from the “end-clients” (buyers of security services): “Wow, readable reports in time!” “It’s nice to be able to log in to the Web and get real time information about the current  security situation”. Andreas Gyllestrand, CEO for Cubsec in Sweden states: The feedback from our clients was overwhelming and lead to several new contracts in 2006 and 2007. Now 10 years later is GuardTools a natural part of our daily work and the foundation for the quality assurance processes within the company. 

GuardTools supports several roles within the manned guarding industry but also security and risk managers at large corporations. Blue Mobile Systems has clients in over 10 countries and is available in several languages including all Nordic, English, German and Polish.

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Blue Mobile Systems is now in a strong phase of growth where most of our activities take place in the international market. Although Northern Europe is our main focus, we have an opportunistic attitude towards new customers and markets. We work hard to keep our leading position in systems for operations support and quality assurance.

We develop GuardTools in close co-operation with leading persons within Corporate Security and Manned guarding industry. We release at least two new versions of GuardTools every year with the latest technologies and in compliance with industry standards.


World leading Operations Support System and Quality Assurance for Corporations and The Security Industry

Management Team

Peter Andreasson CEO

Peter Andreasson

Peter Wahlgren CTO

Peter Wahlgren

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The GuardTools® Brand

Representing good values

We are very proud about our brand GuardTools® which
represents good values like quality, transparency, efficiency and innovation.

The GuardTools® Trade Mark is protected in most countries around the world. If you want to use our logo or picture representing our brand, please contact us at info@guardtools.com

Quality Assurance by GuardTools®

As a user of GuardTools® you are allowed to use our quality assurance stamp on your website if you go through an Audit by one of our GuardTools® professionals. Please contact us for more information about this.

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Awards & Honours

Security Company of the Year



Security Awards is the Swedish security industry’s largest competition and awards prizes to individuals, organizations and companies who have distinguished themselves with innovative, constructive and successful solutions, products, procedures or practices. These are the ones who develop the industry further and contributes to a safer society.


The prestigious prize was announced at the annual gala at Cafe Opera in central Stockholm, Sweden.

“The unique solution, the proven knowledge, the strong commitment and the honest ambition creates not only determination, but also demand and thus success. It is not only the already given customers who get that little extra but here comes the added value to benefit others. The security company of the year 2013 is Blue Mobile Systems with GuardTools.”

Connect Capital Award

Connect Capital Award

“Most exciting company for venture capital.” Winners in the annual competition “Connect Capital 09″. It was originally 32 West Swedish companies that participated in the contest and six companies went on to the final in Borås. More than 200 participants from banks, venture capital firms and business angels were present and voted by audience response – button Blue Mobile Systems as the winner in the final.

Vinnova AwardVinnova Award

VINNOVA – Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems – is Sweden’s innovation agency. The mission is to promote sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovations, as well as funding needs-driven research. Every year VINNOVA designates 20 promising start-up companies in Sweden with the motivation: “The company is estimated to have the potential to become a future growth company”. The award included 300 000 SEK in price money.

Technology Rising StarTechnology Rising Stars Award

Deloitte, the world’s largest accounting firm, has together with the Swedish Private Equity & Venture Capital Association awarded Blue Mobile Systems:

“Blue Mobile System is the Sweden’s fastest growing technology company in the category “Rising Star”. The company’s turnover increased by 687% in 2 years.”