Welcome to GuardTools®

GuardTools is a world leading Operations Support System (OSS) tailored for the security industry. It is also a system for Quality Assurance that brings transparency and awareness between the security provider and the security buyer.

GuardTools supports many roles within the security and risk management work force like security officers in the field and at static sites, supervisors working with planning and follow-up on patrols etc., as well as the head of security and facilities managers at corporations. GuardTools is developed in compliance with major industry standards and will constantly evolve in accordance to the industries standards and demands. In the U.K., GuardTools has been put forward as ‘Good Practice’ during SIA Approved Contractor Scheme audits.


Corporate Security

To hold the position “Head of Security” for a large corporation involves great responsibility. In global corporations, you may have a risk management department and a number of security managers and most certainly one or several security companies at your disposal. But in the end it is always you that will be held accountable in case of a major incident. GuardTools puts you in the driving seat and gives you full control over your security resources and security routines.

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Manned Guarding Industry

The Manned Guarding Industry, as a whole, is struggling with low margins and profitability due to hard competition, similar offerings without clear added values, quality issues and many manual processes. Companies that are profitability are usually characterized by a low percentage of overhead costs, quality assured and automated processes, high usage of digital tools and most certainly offer services with added values. With GuardTools you get all this.

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